Helping Other People Excel

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Show Description:

“Lester Sanders: Helping Other People Excel” is a motivational series hosted by Speaker, Motivation Specialist and Life Coach Lester Sanders.

Lester provides “Real World” strategies for success, goal and dream achievement. Drawing from his varied life experiences, Lester brings a fresh, insightful and common sense approach to everyday problems and opportunities. Lester is on a mission to “Help Other People Excel” in the “The Game of Life”.

Topics Include But Not Limited To:

  • Success
  • Dream Identification & Achievement
  • Goal Setting & Accomplishment
  • Making Healthy & Responsible Life Choices
  • Resiliency/Overcoming Adversity (Practical ways to meet life’s challenges)
  • Getting and Staying Motivated
  • The Importance of Taking Personal Responsibility & Self-Determination
  • College, Career & Workforce Readiness
  • Personal Finance Education

Target Audience:

  • College students, young adults and teens
  • Anyone looking for practical principals for success


“Helping Other People Excel” is an online opportunity where young people get “Real World” strategies, concepts and advice to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.

How To Get Access:

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