what others say about Lester

“Former player of mine at McKinley who made a difference on the field for me, and now 

he’s making a difference in the lives of kids. I support Lester and his message!”

~Thom McDaniels, Canton McKinley Bulldogs Football Head Coach, 1982-1997

1997 USA Today National & State Championship Titles

"Thanks for coming in today and speaking to the students.  Your message was great for all kids to hear.  You made a difference today.  Really appreciate it!"

~Shawn Jackson, Head Principal, Alliance High School

"Mr. Sanders I just wanted to say thank you. You spoke at the University of Mount Union the other day and made a huge impact on my son.  As a freshmen and a football player, he will begin to feel quite defeated.  I appreciate whatever you spoke to these guys about.  I got an email from my son telling me how you have inspired him, that he appreciates all we have done for him and will continue to put the work in to be the best he can be.  WOW! I think this is amazing!"

~Roxann Wheeler Reusser, University of Mount Union Parent 

Response Sent via Facebook

I was so moved when I heard Lester speak, that I had to have him speak to my graduate class concerning issues related to troubled and at-risk youth!"

~Kellie Kirksey, Professor, Malone University

"Lester captured our students attention with ease."

~Michelle Strattonbey, School Counselor, Canton McKinley Sr. High

"Mr. Sanders is "Mr. Positive"; he explores with students the positive influences in their lives.  As he explores these influences he will remind us of John F. Kennedy's saying; "the price of greatness is responsibility".

~Bill Stump, Teacher, Northwest High School

"EXCEPTIONAL!  Young people everywhere, need to make it a point to hear the empowering words of Lester Sanders.  Lester holds no punches when confronting issues of today's youth.  He tackles with realism and defends his points with truth."

~Melanie K. Martin, Youth Worker, Columbus, OH

"Lester served as my player personal development coach, he has a unique gift to empower student-athletes for competition on the court and for everyday life.  I would recommend Lester to speak to any group of student-athletes!"

~Rick Hairston, Former Head Coach - Boys Varsity Basketball, Canton McKinley & Timken Sr. High Schools

"Thank you so much for doing the Raider Advantage Sessions for our freshmen.  They were very beneficial and I believe will pay dividends in helping us retain some of these young men!"

~Vince Kehres, Former Football Head Coach, University of Mount Union